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Story Of The Great Failure - Walt Disney

Story Of The Great Failure Walt Disney

Born in a poor family and he used to sell newspapers in the morning. He had a passion for drawing ever since his childhood and always ended up scoring poor grades at school. As he grew older, his dream to become an artist got stronger. So, he started making his own cartoon animations in his backyard and made his own company overtime.

Walt Disney making Cartoon

But after the failure of his cartoon series, the company went bankrupt and he dropped to extreme poverty. He even had no money for clothes or food. With his suitcase, and $20, Walt headed to Hollywood to start over again and he made a new studio again in a old garage. And came up with an idea that could change his life. The cartoon character which he named "Mickey Mouse".

But the distributors rejected his idea, time and time again, saying "Who would like to see a mouse talking just like humans?" but he still believed in his idea and made 2 back to back cartoon films. Even then the theater owners had no interest in screening them. Disney struggled for years in debt and worried about where the money for his greatest venture would come from.

icon of success Walt Disney

Finally, after the screening of Mickey Mouse which showed tremendous response it became the icon of success. Winning 22 awards Walt Disney became one of the biggest names in entertainment industry. "Every failure is another step closer to a win. Never stop trying".