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Man Who Found His Way - Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

He was born in poverty and had an abusive father. At 11, his father left the family and he had to do odd jobs like mowing lawns to support the family. Even at school, things weren't going well for him. As he couldn't study due to a reading disorder.

Tom Cruise said, "My childhood was extremely lonely and kids made fun of me because i couldn't read." being heartbroken due to his condition, He started exploring other careers in life. So, he gave a try to become a Priest. But couldn't even fit there and left after a year.

Being good at athletics, he considered pursuing a career in wrestling. But due to a knee injury, he couldn't even continue the only thing he was good at. he was sad and lost and thought he was good for nothing. but he didn't give up!

Tom Cruise acting

Then his teacher encouraged him to participate in acting and he found himself surprisingly comfortable on stage. But he knew that his disability was gonna keep him from learning his lines. That's when he focused more on visual learning. Tom Cruise said, "I trained myself how to create mental images to comprehend what i read".

He struggled through audition after audition before getting a role. Soon, with movies like 'Mission Impossible' and 'Top Gun', he ruled the hearts of millions. Today, Tom Cruise is one of the highest paid celebrities in the world with the Net Worth of $470 Million.