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He Risked His Status For Love - Satya Nadella

Satya Nadella

You might not know him but he is the CEO of Microsoft. He shares a story of a risk he took in his life. Back in the 80's he enjoyed permanent resident status in USA, but life brought him to the point when he had to give it all up. Just for the sake of love.

The troubles started as soon as he intended to bring his wife to US. "It was a happy time, but the complications of immigration would soon prove a challenge." He application got rejected again and again as there was a long wait list for the spouses of permanent residents. So, his lawyer suggested an extremely risky idea to get rid of these wait lists.

To give up his Green card and get a workers visa. The thoughts of giving up his status haunted him but he was running out of options. And after a year into this mess, he decided that his love was more important than his status. So, he gave up his green card and he was finally united with his wife. And from then onward, he became famous as "The guy who gave up his green card". "Make your choices based on love, not fear."