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Girl Who Lost Everything - Shakira

Girl Who Lost Everything - Shakira

She was born in a rich family whose father had a jewellery business. At 7, her father's business got bankrupt due to which she was sent to a family friend till they solved the matter. And when she returned home, everything had changed!

Shakira said, "We lost our car; We lost our furniture and i remember vividly the day i walked in my house and all the furniture was gone. because my dad had to pay his debts. And when i saw this, i was so frustrated. I was so upset with my parents because i couldn't understand.. how they did so poorly in business."

Her parents found ways to show how fortunate they still were. They used to walk her to a park where children lived in dirt, with torn clothes and bare feet.

Shakira said, "At that time, i said to myself that one day i'm going to help these kids when i become a famous Artist"

So, she began to write and compose her own music when she was 8. At 10, she tried out singing in school but was rejected because her voice was "too strong". She even had to face criticism like "She sounds like a goat". Even after getting into the music industry, her first 2 album flopped badly.

But soon after the success of her 3rd album, she founded a Charity Organization at age 18 which provides food and education for poor children in various regions of the world. Today Shakira is one of the best singers in the world. Shakira story teaches us that "Falling down is a part of life, getting back up is living".