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Eufy Genie Review

The Eufy Genie is the first in a wave of speakers that use Amazon's Alexa voice assistant and cloud service. The Genie is better speaker than the Echo Dot, with a pit more depth and less of a tinny sound. It also has a standard Aux output, so you can hook it up to a more powerful speaker with the included cable.

Eufy Genie Review

The Genie is missing several features that are critical in homes with multiple Alexa devices, however you can't change the wake word, and it doesn't support Amazon's multi room audio feature. You also can't use it for Alexa phone calls or controlling Spotify, through Eufy says those features are coming soon.

That said, the Genie fills a niche by being the least expensive Alexa speaker available. If you're just dipping your toes into voice control, it's a decent place to start for the price.