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Automatic Smart Bike Lock - Bisecu

Automatic Smart Bike Lock Bisecu

Bisecu is smart bicycle lock device that offers ultimate security. At only 0.35 Kg, once it's on you never need to take it off again. It syncs with your smart phone and auto locks when you're away. The invisible locking mechanism is antitheft and cannot be cut. Auto lock as you walk away and it auto unlock as you approach.


The six month battery life provides extra reassurance and it tracks your speed and even emits different colors based on your speed. The truly effortless device with auto lock and auto unlock features never before possible. It has three integrated motion sensors which are Speedometer, Accelerometer and Gyroscope.

Automatic Smart Bike Lock Bisecu

On the ride, Bisecu becomes smart cycling computer. You can monitor your riding with the app like speed, distance, riding time, calories burned. It has 100 db warning alarm and theft notification with the help of integrated sensors always monitor your bike.