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7 Things To Know About Estonia

Tallinn capital of Estonia

1. Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is nestled within a bay along the Gulf of Finland.

Estonia peat moss bogs

2. A fifth of the country's mainland is covered in peat moss bogs.

2357 miles of coastline

3. Estonia is one of the Baltic states, and it has 2,357 miles of coastline.

Estonia castles Kuressaare Saaremaa

4. One of the best preserved medieval castles in northern Europe squats in Kuressaare, on the island of Saaremaa.

5. The island of Hiiumaa is one of the three islands that make up the Muhu archipelago.

Estonia Tartu Art Museum

6. The Tartu Art Museum leans precariously due to faulty foundation, making it Estonia's Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Estonia 1520 islands

7. Estonia has 1,520 islands and islets scattered in the Baltic Sea.