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Vertical Landing Plane - VTOL X Plane

Vertical Landing Plane VTOL X DARPA

In the future, planes could land and take off vertically. It's been hard to pull off without sacrificing range and efficiency. The VTOL X program by DARPA seeks to change all of that. Their concept merges fixed and rotary wing design. Something like a plane/chopper hybrid.

Vertical Landing Plane VTOL X DARPA

Vertical landing and takeoff has practical and strategic benefits. It allows for maximized stealth, and could eventually eliminate the need for runways. DARPA's aircraft concepts are innovative, because they completely shatter ideas of what an aircraft can be.

DARPA’s Vertical Takeoff and Landing Experimental Plane (VTOL X-Plane) program seeks to provide innovative cross-pollination between fixed-wing and rotary-wing technologies and by developing and integrating novel subsystems to enable radical improvements in vertical and cruising flight capabilities. In an important step toward that goal, DARPA has awarded the Phase 2 contract for VTOL X-Plane to Aurora Flight Sciences.