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Treepex - Wearable Air Filter

Treepex Wearable Air Filter

Could this device save your lungs from harmful pollutants? Pollution led to 9 million deaths in 2015. That's three times as many annual deaths as HIV/AIDs, tuberculosis and malaria combined.

Bacho Khachidze inventor of Treepex device said "Someone needs to do something and that's why we decided to develop Treepex, a revolutionary pocket device which transforms polluted air into clean, fresh air."

Pollution can cause potentially fatal diseases like asthma, cancer, birth defects, heart disease and lung disease. Air pollution alone was linked to 6.5 million deaths in 2015. The creators say a removable cartridge within the device cleans the air as you breathe.

They say the device removes pollutants like lead, carbon and smog and converts carbon dioxide to oxygen. Can it really make a difference?