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Apple Watch Series 3 Review

Apple Watch Series 3

The Apple Watch Series 3 improves on the strengths of its predecessors, but isn't a drastic change. The biggest new feature is built-in cellular connectivity, with models starting at $399. Cellular connectivity means you can take calls, reply to messages, talk to Siri, and access maps without needing a phone.

Apple Watch Series 3

Cellular works well, but it's an extra fee on your monthly phone bill and causes a major drain on battery life. There's also an increased focus on fitness, with more in depth heart rate monitoring. The Series 3 has a barometric altimeter to help track elevation and stairs climbed.

Apple's third party app ecosystem remains much richer and far more advanced than the competition. The Series 3 is the closest try we've seen at a standalone smartwatch yet, but it's still an accessory for your iPhone.