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Aadhaar Vs Social Security Number

Aadhaar SSN

Aadhaar - Created as a biometric based authentication and a single unique proof of identity.
Social Security Number - Record keeping scheme for govt. service such as pension.

Aadhaar - Single, Universal, Digital identity number.
Social Security Number -Is not an identification document.

Aadhaar - Is used to authentication an Indian resident by matching biometrics.
Social Security Number - Not used for authentication.

Aadhaar - Anyone who has lived in India for 182 days can enroll.
Social Security Number - Citizens and permanent residents can apply.

Aadhaar - Capture biometrics scanning of fingerprints, face and iris of both eyes.
Social Security Number - No biometrics to be captured.

Shared by multiple databases
Aadhaar - Aadhaar is fed into multiple databases and acts as a single identifier.
Social Security Number - Strictly prohibited and instead homeland security emphasizes on different identifiers for different purposes.

Aadhaar - No privacy law either at the state or the national level.
Social Security Number - Strict privacy laws.

Legal Framework
Aadhaar - Aadhaar was first rejected by parliamentary committee in 2010 over legislative, security and privacy concerns. It was then passed in 2016 as a money bill, completely by passing the Rajya Sabha.
Social Security Number - Governed by the social security act of 1935.

Aadhaar - Aadhaar is being promoted (enforced in some cases) as mandatory for non public welfare schemes as well
Social Security Number - Due to privacy concerns, SSN usage is being limited. Many states have provisions to opt out of SSN i.e. they son't have to declare their SSN.

The Aadhaar number and the one time password is all one needs to hack into your bank accounts. Here are few steps one can follow to prevent someone from hacking into your bank accounts.

1. Don't link Aadhaar with your mobile or bank or for that matter anything else.
2. Repeat 1
3. If step 1, 2 cannot be followed, then
4. Please never give the Aadhaar number to anyone who calls you, no matter who they threaten to be on the phone.
5. If you have given the Aadhaar number, at least, do not give the One Time Password over phone or for that matter anyone else.
6. Always keep checking your banks and phones for any unauthorized activities. And in case you are wondering why Aadhaar shouldn't be linked to anything, because Supreme Court said so and so did the govt.

Aadhaar, as it stands today, should only be used for public welfare schemes, as a matter of convenience and no beneficiary can be denied welfare for the lack of Aadhaar.