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8 Ways Of Shopping Will Look Like In 2027

Here's what shopping will look like in 2027. These are 8 of the biggest changes you can expect to see. 

1. Sensors and digital devices will create a hyper personalized customer experience. Customers online activity and years of past purchase data will generate personalized suggestions.

2. Roles not 'customer facing' - like shelf stacking - will be automated. The number of jobs in retail will fall significantly.

3. Checkout will be done remotely when you leave the store with your chosen items. No more queuing or scanning your items.

4. Routine household purchases will be automatically delivered. Driverless trucks or drones will do much of the work.

5. The trend away from huge stores will continue. Customers continue to value smaller, more specialist outlets.

6. Online sales will grow from around 10% today to 40% in 2027. In some sectors the figure will be well above 50%.

7. 3D printing will enable shops to create items on demand. This should enable many new, smaller companies to enter the market.

8. Virtual reality will change both the shop and home experience. Potential buyers will be able to browse virtual stock before buying.