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Zero Energy Air Conditioner - Ant Studio

Zero Energy Air Conditioner Ant Studio

This A/C unit uses no electricity and it cools better than yours. ANT Studio in New Delhi developed and A/C unit that they claim can cool a warehouse by 35 degrees fahrenheit. The average home AC unit cools 20℉.

Zero Energy Air Conditioner Ant Studio

It's made entirely of terracotta tubes in a honeycomb pattern which are stacked in a metal cage. The tubes are wetted once or twice a day with recycled water which is absorbed by the earthen tubes. As hot air flows through the tubes, the water evaporates, cooling the air as it passes through. A local electronics company hired ANT Studio to create the unit to cool its 131℉ warehouse.

Air conditioning units in India use vast amounts of electricity. In Delhi's scorching summer they are the main source of energy consumption. Innovation solutions like the beehive could help curb India's rising energy demands.

Zero Energy Air Conditioner Ant Studio

"Findings from this attempt opened up a lot more possibilities where we can integrate this technique with forms that could redefine the way we look at cooling systems.." - Monish Siripurapu (Founder, Ant Studio)