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Navratri Colors And Its Significance

9 days of Navratri signifies worshipping 9 forms of Durga Maa and each day has its own unique color. Check out what does each color on every day mean

Day 1 : Yellow
Goddess Worshipped : Shailputri
Yellow signifies happiness making it the perfect colour to kickstart this fun filled festival.

Day 2 : Green
Goddess Worshipped : Brahmacharini
The second day is dedicated to Maa Brahmacharini and is more about eco friendliness and harmony. Hence green i sthe perfect colour.

Day 3 : Grey
Goddess Worshipped : Chandraghanta
Grey symbolises cool and balanced nature.

Day 4 : Orange
Goddess Worshipped : Kushmanda
Worshipping Maa Kushmanda helps improve health and bring positivity in life. Hence, orange is the colour for Day 4.

Day 5 : White
Goddess Worshipped : Skanda Mata
Maa Skandamata is worshipped by wearing white on this day, depicting purity and perfection.

Day 6 : Red
Goddess Worshipped : Katyayani
Durga Puja kicks off on a grand scale on this day, especially in West Bengal. Maa Katyayani is worshipped by wearing red, the colour of courage and brightness.

Day 7: Royal Blue
Goddess Worshipped : Kaalratri
The colour of the day is royal blue, symbolizing a sense of calm and divinity.

Day 8 : Pink
Goddess Worshipped : Maha Gauri
Maha Gauri is worshipped on this day of ashtami with pink symbolizing new beginnings.

Day 9 : Purple
Goddess Worshipped : Siddhidatri
Siddhidatri is worshipped with Maha Navami pujas. The purple colour signifies luxury and power.