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Best And Worst Features Of The iPhone 8

Features Of The iPhone 8

5 Best Features

1. It is the first iPhone to support wireless charging. Any QI-compatible charger will provide the phone with juice.

2. An A11 bionic processor will make this iPhone very fast. As well as optimizing it for AR.

3. A 12 megapixel F/1.8 camera can capture beautiful images. This camera has optical image stabilization and records 4K video at 24, 30, QR 60 FPS

4. Apple's true tone feature is eye friendly. The appearance and color temperature adjusts in every lighting environment.

5. iPhone 8 has "The hardest glass ever in a smartphone."

 3 Worst Features

1. The iPhone 8 battery is even smaller than the iPhone 7 battery.

2. There is only one rear camera which loses out on the new portrait mode and lighting feature.

3. It's not a major upgrade over the iPhone 7.