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Batmobile For The Racetrack

Introduced in 1972, the 3.0 CSL, also known as the Batmobile for its giant wings, was built to enter European racing. In order to homologate the car, BMW had to build a 1,000 production versions of the car.

While the 3.0 CSL was initially equipped with a 3003 cc engine to enable it to compete in the 'over 3.0-litre' category, it received a larger 3153 cc engine along with an aero package the next year which propelled the car to legendary status.

Aerodynamic addenda included chin spoilers, rubber fins on top of the front wings, a stirrup over the c-pillars, and a huge rear wing. However, for customer cars, these bits were stored in the boot for the owner to add rather than being factory-fitted The 3.0 CSL won six European touring car titles between 1973 and 1979 before the manufacturer ceased production.