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Anti Gravity Treadmill - Alterg

Anti Gravity Treadmill Alterg

This anti gravity treadmill reduces user weight by 80%. The Alterg helps injured patient's exercise and recover without pain. A waist high bag is filled with high pressure air, which lifts weight from the joinys as effectively as water, without impairing motion or speed.

It already works for injured athletes and astronauts. the future of earthbound fitness may not be by gravity. The AlterG anti gravity treadmill is the latest in rehab and fitness technology. It's an essential tool to safely improve strength, mobility and balance.

Alterg Anti Gravity Treadmill

Air pressure unweights the user to reduce impact while walking or running. Rehab sooner, walk with confidence, and run pain free. The anti gravity treadmill helps people get back on their feet and accomplish things they never thought possible!