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5 Best Digital Detox Destinations

Halawa Valley Molokai

1. Halawa Valley (Molokai, Hawaii, USA) - No direct flights and spotty cell service make unplugging easy. Instead, connect with nature and the island's rich history.

Kopan Monastery Kathmandu Nepal

2. Kopan Monastery (Kathmandu, Nepal) - Check your phone at the front desk and focus on spirituality and living in the moment. There's plenty to do: Join morning prayers, tour an incense factory, or meditate in the gardens.

Rawah Wilderness Colorado USA

3. Rawah Wilderness (Colorado, USA) - Even bicycles aren't allowed in the 78,000 acres of this tech free wilderness. Obey USDA forest service guidelines, and bring everything you need.

Kakadu National Park Australia

4. Kakadu National Park (Australia) - There isn't much cell coverage in this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Spot waterfalls and keep your eyes peeled for saltwater crocodiles.

Hornstrandir Nature Reserve Iceland

5. Hornstrandir Nature Reserve (Iceland) - Reach this northern backcountry via ferry, and prepare to hike. Forget "checking in," Instead, check out wildlife and epic scenery.