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3D Printed Skateboard - Spine

3D Printed Skateboard Hyperboard

This electric skateboard is controlled by your smartphone. Berlin based startup Faraday Motion is 3D printing skateboards. The electronic boards are perfect for city dwellers. They have a range of 6 miles and the boards have a top speed of 18 mph.

Each board is linked to your smartphone by rotating the phone, the board speeds up or slows down. Faraday Motion has two models of boards. The Spine is a base level skateboard and the Hyperboard has two engines and can go faster and farther.

Faraday Motion

While Faraday Motion sells both for about $900 and printer owners can make their own for $550. Faraday Motion will be releasing the boards in summer 2017. Smaller vehicles like these could help traffic in larger cities. The future is looking more and more like high school.