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Traditional Classroom Vs Constructivist Classroom

Traditional Constructivist Classroom

Traditional classroom

  • Begins with parts of the whole emphasizes basic skills
  • Students mostly work alone or individually
  • Strict adherence to teaching content.
  • Students are viewed as "blank slates on which information is to be written
  • Teachers behave in didactic manner
  • Assessment is done only through testing
  • Teacher centred
  • Learning emphasises the product

Constructivist Classroom
  • Begins with the whole expands to parts
  • Students work individually and in collaboration
  • Value is given to student questions or interests
  • Students are viewed as thinkers with a lot of views about the world.
  • Teachers behave in interactive manner
  • Assessment is done through student works, observations, points of view, tests.
  • Learner centred
  • Learning emphasises the process.