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The Truth Behind The Blue Whale Game

Blue Whale Game

A deadly online game is claiming the lives of many teenagers. It may sound like something out of a Black mirror episode, but this is real life. The game can be downloaded for free on your phone or tablet. To take part in the game you have to complete 50 challenges or dares.

Blue Whale Game

It starts out easy, with some basic dares. But then things take a sinister turn. The participant will be expected to watch terrifying videos, self mutilate and do bizarre 'secret' challenges. The last task of the game would be for him/her to commit suicide! No questions asked. But the catch is, once you join the game you cannot quit. Your 'administrator will warn you when you join the game. If you quit people will be sent after you.

This 'Blue Whale Challenge' has a massive following on the dark web, having originated in Russia. Why 'Blue Whale'? it refers to beached whales that often die because of poisoning or cannot take their own weight. Online suicide and death groups are the main perpetrators of the game. And around 103 Russian teenagers have died because of the challenge.

Recently one boy in Mumbai, India fell prey to it. A psychology student named Philipp Burdekin has claimed to have invented this sick game in an effort to 'clean' society. He believes people who are pushed to suicide are of no value, and the world is better off without them.

The game is designed in a way to attract, enamour and entrance teens with self esteem issues and abusive backgrounds. The most vulnerable think they are taking charge of their own lives, when they are only being manipulated.

stitch thread into their skin

That's not all. More self mutilation and suicide games are on the rise like the 'human embroidery' trend in China. it's a game where teenagers literally stitch thread into their skin! Everything about this should makes us think about how vulnerable these teenagers are, who take to online games to feel a sense of control. Question is, how do we stop this?