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The Human Calculator - Vivek Raj

Human Calculator Vivek Raj

Meet Vivek Raj (27), a maths teacher in Kerala. He can add or multiply up to 32 digits faster than a calculator. His secret is Vedic Maths, an ancient branch of mathematics that helps you calculate 10 times faster.

His interest in numbers started in 7th grade when his father gifted him a calculator. And now, numbers are all he sees. To strengthen his student's math base, he teaches them Vedic maths. Vivek does not do these extraordinary shows for entertainment. But to make more kids interested in maths.

Not only this, he holds several records for being faster than a calculator. This is no trick but result of 12 years of practice, focus and an aptitude for numbers. 


  1. How I can multiply like Vivek Raj

  2. Hi..
    How to do practice.. Plz tell me some techniques for my kids.. He is 9 years old.


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