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Suspension Boat - Nauti Craft

Suspension Boat Nauti Craft

This boat has suspension and it could stop you feeling seasick. The design separates the hulls from the deck and the hulls can move independently reacting to the ocean surface. Nauti-craft says this,improves comfort, reduces seasickness and improves safety. Unfortunately, you can't but one yet. The boats are still in development.

This boat eliminates seasickness by gliding across rough seas. The nauti-craft is a multi hulled vessel with a hydraulic suspension system which separates the hulls from the superstructure. Allowing the boat to rapidly react to wave inputs and conform with the ocean surface. Providing improved ride comfort, control and stability. 

Nauti Craft Suspension Boat

Nauti-craft's system works when the boat is stationary or traveling. The company wants to use it in commercial, military, and recreational vessels.