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iOS 11 Update - Location Settings

iOS 11 Update Location Settings

Apple is taking huge steps to protect your privacy with iOS 11. First, you can restrict apps from always accessing your location. This is major news. Previously, some apps offered only two options - Always or Never. Meaning they could access your location even when you weren't using them.

iOS 11 Location Settings

Now you can choose to allow access only when using the app. Rather than all the time. The new iOS will also show any app using your location. This allows you to see if a game or app is "spying" on you. While you can always deny an app access to your location.

It's nice to know Apple will now alert you when it happens. Apple has also made browsing in Safari more private. It added the option to prevent "cross site tracking". This prevents advertisers from tracking you from one site to another. The new iOS should be available to users this fall.