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Handheld Printer - EBS Handjet

Handheld Printer EBS Handjet

This portable printer can print on almost any surface and even prints on metal, concrete, wood, plastic, or glass. The EBS Handjet is the world's first fully mobile inkjet printer. It's equipped with a small printhead, Wi-Fi and touchscreen and is used to print labels, graphics and barcodes. The device is made by EBS Inkjet systems.

The HANDJET® is a portable, hand-operated, ultra-compact and light INK-JET printer that is equipped with a small print head, battery power supply and wireless control. This unique pistol-shaped printer weighing only 1580 grams was created for the users for whom the freedom to mark, code and label their products at any time and in any place is the major criterion for choice. The printer is gaining wider and wider fields of application. With its patented printing technology, the HANDJET® printer is replacing obsolete hand-operated coding devices (such as duplicating stencils, stamps and roller coding machines).