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Device To Heal Organ And Brain Damage

Device To Heal Organ And Brain Damage

This tiny chip can start healing organs almost instantly. Right now it's being tested on mice and pigs. By simply putting the device on the surface of the skin and applying an electrical current. The chip changes the genetic code of the skin cells under it.

The altered cells can be used to repair any organ. The entire process is non invasive and takes seconds to apply. For one mouse, they healed its leg, no blood was flowing through the mouse's leg. Scientists turned skin cells into vascular cells that worked to rebuild blood vessels in the wounded leg. A few weeks after the procedure the leg was back to normal.

The technology is called Tissue Nano Transfection. Researchers at Ohio State University put the tech into the chip. THe process hasn't been tested on humans yet. But researchers say it would work just as easily. Fixing everything from nerve damage to brain injuries. THey hope to start clinical trials with humans in 2018.