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Belgian Town Cooks Up Giant Omelette

Belgian Town Cooks Up Giant Omelette

Hundreds of people gather in the eastern city of Malmedy to feast on a giant omelette that's been made annually for the past 22 years. The bacon and herb omelette is made with 10,000 eggs. Event organizers were confident the omelette was safe despite an ongoing health scare linked to eggs contaminated with a potentially harmful insecticide.

Raoul Lesire a member of omelette making group said, "In regards to what's been happening, we went to show to all people who will eat the omelette today that they will not get sick."

Millions of chicken eggs have been pulled from European supermarkets as a result of the scare over the use of the insecticide fipronil. Hundreds of thousands of hens could be culled in the Netherlands.