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Asia's Strongest Man - Manoj Chopra

Asia Strongest Man Manoj Chopra

Ever seen a man blowing up a thick hot water bag? or tearing a 1000 pages thick book or bending a 50mm steel pan? Meet Asia's Strongest man - Manoj Chopra from Chhattisgarh. He does not claim to be a bodybuilder, simply a super strong man.

Manoj Chopra

Weighing 170 kg, he can break anything he puts his mind to, like this huge spanner. He is the first Indian to participate in the World's Strongest Man Championship, where he ranked 14th amongst the world's strongest.

Manoj Chopra 
Age - 47
World Ranking - 14
Height - 6'6''
Weight - 170 kg

His dream is to become the world's strongest man. The secret to his strength? He follows a 'See food' diet, and spends at least 3 hours weightlifting and powerlifting every day. He declined an invitation to join WWE. Rather invests his time motivating and cheering people. This guy is truly a Man of Mettle.