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9 Things To Know About Elephants

Things To Know About Elephants

The Gentle Giants

1. The word "Elephant" comes from the greek word "Elephas" which means "Ivory".

2. The elephant brain is the largest of all land mammals with a mass of over 5 kg.

3. Elephants produce enough methane gas during digestion in a day to power a car for 32 kms.

4. The elephant can suck up to 14 liters of water at a time using its trunk!

5. Elephants are known to remember their dead. They touch the bones gently with their trunks, cover the body with leaves and grass and stay with the body for days.

6. The oldest known elephant in the world lived for 86 years (1917-2003)

7. Elephants spend about 16 hours a day eating.

8. India is home to over 60% of all the asian elephants (roughly 30,000 out of estimated 41,000-52,000).

9. Over the last decade, elephant numbers have dropped by 62%. Rising Poaching and Deforestation are the biggest threats for their survival. Let's pledge to make sure these magnificent beasts don't become history!