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6 Secrets Of Versailles

Secrets Of Versailles

Located in the countryside, 40 minutes from Paris, the Opulent 17th century chateau.

1. Boasts 2,300 rooms across 75,532 square yards - The equivalent of about 15 and a half football fields.

Hall Of Mirrors

2. Hall Of Mirrors - One of the most infamous rooms in the Chateau. It was used by countries as a passageway and meeting place. While the king walked the 240 foot long gallery every day to reach the chapel.

Royal Opera House

3. Royal Opera House - The lavish hall was used only 40 or so times before the revolution, partly because of high usage costs - it took 3,000 candles to light the auditorium for a night.

4. Queen's Library - The intricately designed decor of the queens library displayed books from Marie Antoinette's Private Collection. While the doors are covered with fake bindings, the engraved drawer handles feature the House of Austria's Emblem.

Hercules Salon

5. Hercules Salon - During one of the balls in honor of Louis XV'S daughter, the windows had to be broken. To alleviate the heat generated from the massive crowds and thousands of candles filling the room.

6. Diana Salon - Nicknamed the "Room Of Applause", it used to hold a large billiard table for Louis XIV. Who excelled at billiards and played every night after dinner per his doctors orders.