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5 Things The iPhone Can't Do

5 Things The iPhone Can't Do

1. Wireless and Fast Charging - Phones such as the Pixel and the Galaxy S8 have quicker USB-C Fast Charging. Which is significantly faster than the iPhone Lightning Connector. Also Samsung, Google, and even LG make phones that can wirelessly charge. The iPhone does not have this capability yet. But there are rumors it might appear on this year's iPhone.

Expandable Storage

2. Expandable Storage - Most Android phones have SD card slots allowing for additional storage. With an iPhone you're stuck with 32GB, 128GB, 256GB.

3. Multiple Numbers - Some Android phones allow you to add multiple SIM cards which is useful if you frequently travel abroad or if you want to combine a work and personal number on the same phone.

Third Party Browsers

4. Third Party Browsers - You can't change your iPhone's default browser like you can on Android. So if you install a third party browser, every link opened from an Apple app will still open in Safari instead of the browser of your choice.

5. Third Party Messenger Apps - On the iPhone you're forced to use messages, bur on Android you can use any third party messenger you want. Luckily, if you want these features, they can be found on many Android phones.