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3D Paper Sculptor - Mohit Lakhmani

3D Paper Sculptor Mohit Lakhmani

Mohit Lakhmani's art is as eccentric as his personality. This artist from Delhi creates beautiful sculptures not made out of mud or stone but only from paper. He starts by creating blueprint on the computer. Each element of the sculpture is designed individually so that once printed, the parts can be stitched together.

Paper Sculpture of Barack Obama

This sculpture of Barack Obama is made out of 500+ tiny pieces of paper. He has also made houses, cars, war tanks, etc out of paper. Heck even his resume is an artistic paper sculpture. It is full of hidden meanings, like a map of professional experiences or heartbeats across a skill set to show how much he is invested in it.

his innovation resume has been covered by Forbes magazine. He gets his inspiration from Origami, a Japanese paper folding art. And one day dreams of building his own paper sculpture museum. His art is a perfect blend of technology and passion.