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Wearable Chair - Chairless Chair

Wearable Chair Chairless Chair

You can literally take this seat anywhere. The Chairless Chair is a tool you can lean on. The wearable brace locks into place with the push of a button. When locked, it can be rested on. It releases in a second if the wearer needs to move. Making this wearable, a chair-able.

How could this help in the workplace?

This could increase productivity for thousands of industries. Shoulder, waist, and shoe straps connect it to the wearer. It can be customized to fit all sizes and outfits. The chair holds about 220 lbs per leg. The Chairless Chair was invented by Keith Gunura of Noonee AG. It was designed by Sapetti Studio, and built by Zuhlke Group. The Chairless Chair has begun production and is available to buy.