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Vegetarian Diet Vs Non Vegetarian Diet

Veg vs Non Veg

Does a non veg diet actually help an athlete over a veg diet? A 2006 study by Journal of Exercise Science and Physiotherapy tested Indian female athletes diet and its effects on nutritional status. 64 national athletes of 16-25 years participated in the study and the results were, well, quite interesting.

Protein Level 
Veg - Lower
Non Veg - Higher

Fat Intake
Veg - Higher
Non Veg - Lower

Endurance Level
Veg - Exercise performance level was moderate
Non Veg - Could exercise for a much longer time.

Recovery Rate
Veg - Significantly better
Non Veg -  Takes longer to recuperate

Haemoglobin Level
Veg - Lower (less rich in in iron)
Non Veg - Higher (Can carry oxygen to cells and tissues better)

Carbohydrate and Energy Levels are same for both.

The difference in athletic ability of veg vs non veg is subjective. but good nutrition is important for maintaining a high level of performance. And non vegetarians seem to have the upper hand in that aspect.