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Top 5 Must Try Surf Towns

Top 5 Must Try Surf Towns

1. Hossegor, Southern France - THe best beach breaks in Europe from longboarding to shred. Best time to go: fall has better waves and fewer crowds.

2. Tel Aviv, Israel - Known more for night life, this coastal city has a thriving surf scene. But there's also ancient architecture, and excellent food.

3. Hainan Island, Southern China - The locals - if you can find them - are stoked and friendly! Consistent waves empty breaks what's not to like?

4. Maresias, Sao Sebastian, Brazil - Powerful barrelling waves, red hot nightlife. Best times to go: March to May, August to October.

5. Cornwall, England - Dramatic tides plus north and south coasts equals variety! Epic scenery and quaint architecture are home to a youthful culture.