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The Supercar For Off Roading Or Your Dinner - Sandracer 500 GT

Sandracer 500 GT

Previewed back in 2015, Zarooq Motors had made it look promising with its SandRacer which looked like a supercar with off-road tires. Now Zarooq have stated that they are ready for production and will launch with a special edition 500 GT model.

The rally-styled supercar is built around an off-road racing chassis, carbon-fiber body, mid-mounted V8 engine and Mansory interior. Power comes from a whopping 6.2-liter, from the Corvette swapping GM LT1 V8 engine churning out 525bhp. The 500 GT model looks like a serious kid going to school.

With its huge look-at-me wheel arches, massive rear diffuser and huge off-road tires, the 500 GT can bash up mountains, or help you take your lady love to dinner, albeit someplace expensive with ease. Prices for the 500 GT start at $450,000 with deliveries starting in the fourth quarter. We would say, "Oh, book one already!"