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The Armless Cyclist - Jagwinder Singh

Armless Cyclist Jagwinder Singh

What do you do when you are born with no arms? Become a brilliant artist? An inspiring teacher? A cook? Or a cyclist of national repute? Jagwinder Singh from Punjab did all of these. Facing hostilities since childhood  - financial and psychological.

Armless Cyclist  Jagwinder Singh

He made no qualms about it and faced life head on. Despite his parent's warnings, he started cycling. He says his learnings happened with falls and fractures. The more he fell, the more confident he became. Soon,he was winning medals by defeating fully - abled cyclists.

In 2015, he completed a 212 km cyclothon in just 9.25 hours. This champion cyclist can cook with the help of his feet too. And that's not all, he is an art teacher in a local institution too!

With unparalleled zeal and a never ending list of achievements, Jagwinder's approach towards life is truly inspiring. Instead of being a victim of fate, he chose to write his own story. It's not disabilities but abilities that count.