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Off The Grid Texting - Sonnet

Off The Grid Texting Sonnet

You can now text without cellular service or Wifi. If you're hiking, traveling abroad, or a natural disaster damages cellular towers, Sonnet is perfect for sending texts, photos, and GPS locations.

The app comes with an offline map and panic button for emergencies. You can message other Sonnet users within a 3 to 9 mile radius. You can create mesh networking increase this distance keeping you connected to friends and family during any adventure.

Off The Grid Texting Sonnet

Sonnet is completely free to use and you can send as many messages as often as you want. Here are the three steps to use Sonnet

  1. Connect your phone to the Wi-Fi access point on the Sonnet.
  2. Open the browser and navigate to
  3. Start chatting

Some of the useful features of Sonnet are Offline Maps, Panic Button/ SOS Mode, Charge your phone, Sonnet is secure.