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Jaguar XJR 575: Business Class Seat With A 567 HP V8 Motor

Jaguar XJR 575

The name Jaguar' means gorgeous automobiles hauling esteemed names of the world in comfort but with a sports car's pace. To reaffirm that belief, Jaguar has taken their prestigious XJR limousine and plonked in a 567 hp, 700 nm torque V8 motor under the hood.

The result is a car that can do a 0-100km/h run in 4.4 seconds and max out at 300km/h while not disturbing the business meeting on the back seats. Jaguar has made the XJR 575 attain a balance between comfortable highway cruising and flat back road blasting.

The XJR also gets new toys in the form of auto-emergency braking, lane-keeping assist and a driver monitoring system as standard.