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India's Hip Hop Adda

Indias Hip Hop Adda

Where do you think this is? Believe it or not, it's Mumbai! Nalasopara, a suburb in Mumbai, is India's Hip Hop Adda. hip hop is an art form which started in 1970s New York.

Hip Hop - DJing, Rap, Graffiti, B-bcying.

If you try to explore these 4 elements, your personality will develop automatically in a hip hop culture way.

Hip Hop Adda

Currently, there are more than 100 active dance groups here. Groups like Kings United, Rohan and Group and RC Boys. All began their journey in the lanes of this suburb. Kings United stood third at the World Hip Hop Championship, 2015.

Remo said "To reach Las Vegas and participate in the World Hip Hop Championship, where many countries participate... To me, that's a good story. So i based ABCD 2 on this. That's how i know Suraj."

These dance groups have won more than ten reality shows.