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Ballet Star Rises In Bollywood's Heartland

Amiruddin Shah Ballet Star

Amiruddin Shah has risen from humble beginnings to be accepted for a 4 year course at the American Ballet Theatre. The offer was a result of the efforts of Shah's instructor Yehuda Maor.

Amiruddin Shah Ballet Star

Ballet dancer Amiruddin Shah said "Sir had sent my audition video to the American Ballet Theatre, and they accepted me for their school. There is a ballet in every country but not in India. So i would like to promote ballet in the country, and inspire people."

Maor says Shah is an unusually rare talent. The young dancer gave up his studies to chase his dreams and now he wants to encourage others.

Maor has appealed for financial assistance for Shah who turned down an offer from London's Royal Ballet School. The appeals have drawn considerable media attention.