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7 Travel Apps Which Will Make Your Trip Easier

Hitting the road or skies this summer? These apps will make your trip even easier.

1. Waze - Waze shows you traffic conditions along your route. It alerts you to accidents, delays, and even speed traps. It can even reroute you if there are significant delays.

Dark Sky

2. Dark Sky - Dark Sky has become one of the most popular weather apps. It can show the 7 day forecast of any location. A globe shows a worldwide forecast of precipitation and temperature.


3. SeatGuru - SeatGuru shows you the status of current flights. it can also tell you the best seats on individual flights. So you won't accidentally wind up next to the bathroom.


4. Soar - Download Soar before you take off if you really don't like flying. The app has info and advice for dealing with flight anxiety. There are links to current turbulence forecasts. Along with a G-Force meter for measuring turbulence.

Hopper App

5. Hopper - Hopper is great at finding cheap airfare. It shows you the cheapest dates to fly to your destination. It can even send notifications if the airfare drops.


6. GeoSure - If you're worried about staying safe, download GeoSure. The app provides info & safety tips for your destination. It collects data from the DCD, UN, local authorities, and more. Showing you any potential threats to your safety.

Google Maps

7. Google Maps - And don't forget about Google Maps download feature. Enabling you to save area maps to your phone. For those places you may not have cell service.