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4 Amazing American Inventions

4 amazing American inventions that made the world better

Mobile Phones 1973

1. Mobile Phones - Motorola showcased a 1kg phone in 1973. Now over 5 billion people on the planet have a mobile phone and annual revenues are estimated to be over a trillion dollars. People can stay in touch wherever they are in the world.

2. Microwave Oven - Invented by accident when a radar engineer discovered microwaves had melted chocolate in his pocket. Microwave ovens transformed western culture's relationship with food. They saved families time and energy preparing meals. Microwaves also allowed people to freeze food to eat later. Leading to far more flexibility with mealtimes.

LED 1962

3. LED's - Developed in 1962 at the General Electric Company in New York. LEDs power modern TV screens and other displays. LEDs are extremely energy efficient and they are 90% less power than traditional incandescent bulbs. They reduce energy demand and help fight climate change.

Global Positioning System

4. Global Positioning System - The satellite system that powers sat nav and mobile mapping apps was developed by the US Defence Department. From agriculture to disaster management GPS helps people better access the world. It saves normal people time and effort traveling and has made paper maps a thing of the past. American inventions have transformed the world.