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Mohammed bin Salman Appointed As Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince

Mohammed bin Salman

Saudi Arabia's Mohammed bin Salman is appointed Crown Prince replacing his cousin Prince Mohammed bin Nayef. The royal decree confirms King Salman's 31 year old son as next ruler of the kingdom and gives him almost unprecedented powers.

Prince Mohammed is widely referred to as Mbs and runs the defence, economic and oil strategy. He's been the force behind an ambitious drive to reform the oil dependent economy including a plan for the partial privatization of Saudi's state oil company Aramco.

Mbs is seen to be part of a new generation of young powerful leaders who are more assertive than their conservative predecessors. While his promotion was expected among close circles. It comes as a surprise at a time when the kingdom is facing tensions with Qatar and Iran while also being locked in a war in Yemen.

Mbs replaces his older cousin who has been relieved of all positions. The 2 met on Wednesday to show a united front in the royal family. Although his cousin was the counter terrorism chief for years. It was Mbs who led the charge into Yemen in 2015.

He also appears to have orchestrated a recent move to cut diplomatic ties with Qatar. The young leader has a direct line to his father the king who retains the final say in any major decision of state.