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Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Training

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot got real about her 'Wonder Woman' training routine. She said "I've been training 6 hours at least a day. Doing gym work and horseback riding and martial arts and fight stunts and i never knew how it feels to be really really strong and it felt really good. 

Even saying that it was harder than her Israeli military training. She said "Yeah i've been in the military but i was never a fighter. Part of my job is that i need to be in great shape. I have so much respect for wonder Woman and everything that she stands for. I wanted to show the stronger side of women."

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman

She said "Fighting is awesome especially when you do it you know, on such a big set. In this movie, maybe you see it more on the physical side. The girls are very independent and very tough and strong and intelligent and it really reflects reality."

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman

Speaking about her role in Wonder Woman she said "Being stronger and bigger and curvier, it feels amazing. I think that it's so so important for girls and boys to be inspired and be exposed to these fantastic, amazing, bigger than life female role models. There's so many beautiful, strong, inspiring male role models, male superheroes, there's not enough female ones. I feel like i'm the luckiest girl alive to be playing this part."