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Facebook Guard For Indian Women

Facebook Guard For Indian Women

In its bid to empower women in India, Facebook has announced it is piloting new tools that will give them more control over their profile pictures

Safety First

  • FB guard developed in partnership with Indian safety organisations
  • To help keep them safe online
  • Feature available only on Android devices
  • To give people more control over their experience

How It Works
  • Log in to your FB account
  • Notification on News Feed asks to secure your profile picture.
  • Blue border around picture is visual cue of protection
  • Once you accept it, a message box pops up
  • Press 'Next' and adjust your profile picture
  • Save it and your photo is protected
  • Profile picture guard to help keep photo secure
  • Other will no longer be able to download, share your photo
  • You can also turn profile picture guard off.
People you are not friends with on facebook won't be able to tag anyone in your profile picture. - Aarti Soman, product manager, Facebook.