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Do's And Don'ts - Fire Safety

  • Good housekeeping must be ensured
  • Switch off electrical mains before fighting fire
  • Use staircases for evacuation
  • Make sure to close the exit door while getting out of fire zones
  • Switches and fuses should confirm to correct rating of circuit
  • Welding jobs should be carried out under strict supervision
  • Keep means of escape clear of obstructions
  • Impart fire-fighting training to occupants
  • Conduct fire or evacuation drills regularly
  • Always use ashtray while smoking 
  • All receptacles should be emptied regularly
  • Faulty electrical appliances should be repaired or replaced immediately
  • Avoid using lifts in case of fire
  • Do not dispose of lighted cigarette butts carelessly
  • Do not paint fire detector/sprinkler heads
  • Avoid plugging too many electrical appliances in one socket
  • Stop making unauthorised electrical connections and overload electrical points
  • Avoid storing inflammable materials inside the building
  • Stay away from refilling oil stoves when burning
  • Do not store LPG more than required quantity
  • Avoid obstructing fire exit staircases with old or unused furniture
  • Do not return to collect valuables in case of outbreak of fire
During Fire Emergencies
  • Keep doors and windows shut to prevent entry of smoke
  • Evacuate without panic from the nearest exit
  • lf fire is in upper floor, go to lower floor open ground
  • Crawl on the floor if smoke obscures visibility
  • Request fire service help by dialling 100 or by calling police control room number 100