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China's Best UNESCO World Heritage Sites


1. Wulingyuan - More than 3,000 sandstone pillars and peaks tower. Over streams, waterfalls and caves in the Hunan province.

China Danxia

2. China Danxia - Over millions of years, layers of different colored sandstone and minerals were formed into spectacular cliffs and pillars.

Honghe Hani Rice Terraces

3. Honghe Hani Rice Terraces - Along the Ailao Mountains on the Hong River, visitors discover elaborate, reflective rice terraces, designed by the Hani people.

Ancient building complex in the Wudang Mountains

4. Ancient Building Complex in the Wudang Mountains - The temples, palaces, and monasteries perched on these slopes hold 1,000 years of chinese art and architecture.

Mount Wutai

5. Mount Wutai - This sacred buddhist mountain boasts the highest surviving timber building of the Tang Dynasty with incredible life size clay sculptures.