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Bugatti Chiron: A Collection Of Mind Boggling Statistics

Bugatti Chiron

Sitting in a carbon-fibre tub, a taste of opulence, and the looks which could put the Sultan of Brunei to shame, is the latest hypercar from Bugatti's stable, the Chiron. The previous Veyron was considered the fastest car on this planet, until the Veyron SS 4.14 came out.

Now it's the turn of the Chiron which flexes its muscles and put every other hyper-car to shame with its numbers. Named after the Monegasque racing driver, Louis Alexandre Chiron, one of the oldest drivers of Formula One, this hyper-car is a handful. Engine is the same from the Veyron, an 8-litre W16 with four turbochargers, though it is heavily tuned. Power is 1,479bhp with torque delivery starting from 2,000 rpm.

The Chiron has independent suspension and a Haldex All Wheel Drive system. Quick fact, the carbon-fibre body can withstand a force of 50,000 Nm per degree. Top speed of the Chiron is anticipated to be 463 kmph but is electronically limited to 420 kmph. Price is a cool $2.7 million. It is said that Bugatti hasn't tested its true top speed: because there are no tires on this planet to bear speeds above 450 km/h.