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Apple iPad Pro 10.5 Inch Review

Apple iPad Pro

The new 10.5 inch iPad Pro is the fastest, most powerful IOS device available. The 10.5 inch tablet has a bigger screen than earlier iPads, but the same pixels per inch, increasing the viewing area. The new A10X processor is twice as fast at exporting video than the A9 processor in the 9.7 inch iPad.

Quad speakers provide rich surround sound with more texture than you hear on other tablets. Apple is using the camera's from the iPhone 7 in this iPad, and they take sharp photos with solid low light performance. Accessories make a big part of the pro experience - the smart keyboard attaches to connectors on the bottom.

The iPad pencil isn't new, but the pro's screen updates more quickly so it feels more responsive. IOS 11 will bring new multitasking and file management features to really push this iPad into the 'Pro' world.